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Questions and suggestions about the toolbox  

This toolbox is managed by the Digital Service Design Team in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications​. In case of questions regarding this website and to give feedback, please write to

If you are interested in participating and contributing to the development of this toolbox or invite the development department of Digiriik to introduce the toolbox to your institution, please contact Product Manager Joel Kotsjuba or Services Area Manager Kaili Tamm

Joel Kotsjuba

Joel Kotsjuba

Product Owner
Kaili Tamm

Kaili Tamm

Manager of Digital Service branch


The Business Panel

An advisory board consisting of public sector service design experts who will give you and your project teams expert advice on the further development of the service or give you confidence in the quality of the work done. 

The IT-architecture Panel

An ad-hoc panel of experts led by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, which provides feedback and validates the cross-functional quality, architecture and technical well-being and sustainability of a planned or ongoing project.